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Cataclysm: Archaeology Guide And Maps

Cataclysm: Archaeology Guide And Maps

So in my travels around the newly ravaged Azeroth I have come across an interesting new profession, Archaeology! This post will cover everything I know about this interesting and exciting new profession. I am going to be updating the post and the maps in it as often as I can. Any help is appreciated! If I missed something or if you have any digsites/fossil fields to add to the map, feel free to comment below and let me know!     

A quick mention: The guide is out of date, I know. I will be working on it soon and just getting all the new information in here. Keep checking back!

Firstly, you can find the FAQ and maps at the bottom of the post(Check them both out!) You can read the full, official, announcement of how the profession works below. You can find a link to this post in the sidebar of my site. I will be updating this regularly! Below that you can find a little explanation of my own including pictures, maps and I will even be adding a video soon explaining it all.     

How Archaeology Works - By Ghostcrawler   

Cataclysm Archaeology Guide And Preview on YouTube  

For those of you too lazy to read the entire post, we’ve got you covered! Sit back and enjoy the Cataclysm Archaeology Guide And Preview on YouTube.  


If you liked the video please subscribe! Be sure to check out the latest Pulse episodes over atTales of Lumin on YouTube as well. Help me help you! 

Where Do I Train It?  

Train Archaeology


Ironforge (Hall Of Explorers)
Stormwind (Royal Library)
Darnassus (
Exodar (Vault of Lights)
Orgrimmar (The Valley Of Strenght)
Thunderbluff, (The Elder Rise) 
Undercity (The Magic Quarter)
Silvermoon City (Royal Exchange)
Dalaran (The Legdermain Lounge) 
Shattrath City (Lower City) 
Survey Skill
How Do  I Use It?
Head to a dig site. There are always 4 per continent. (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend) They don’t despawn untill you survey them completely. (Usually about 3-4 times per site or field) See an example below of what they look like.
World MapBig Map Fossil Field or Digsite
  Area Map
(Some maps are not yet complete and may not have the highlighted area)Digsite Or Fossil Field
At the site/field use your survey skill. (Found in your spellbook under the professions tab) Using this will spawn the Archaeology Tripod that points in the direction of the artifact/fossil you are looking for. It has a little light that will show the distance to said artifact/fossil. See below for more!

Archaeology - Red Light      

Archaeology - Yellow Light      

Archaeology - Green Light      

After doing that and finding the location you will see one of the following types of Artifact / Fossil Fragments spawn on the ground. They scale with level and initially there are four basic usable ones. While you can survey and gather them all, you can’t use the others untill you get your skill high enough. See below. (There is no word on Ogre yet)
Night Elf, Troll, Dwarf and Fossil can be used when training the skill.
Draenei and orc require archaeology skill 300.
Vrykul and nerubian requires skill 375.
Tol’vir requires skill 450.


Night Elf      










Basic Races  

Common Artifacts  

Rare Artifacts  

Completed Artifacts  

Those extras that you find while surveying (Troll Tablet, Highborne Scroll, Dwarf Rune Stone, etc.) will also come in handy if you know where to use them. They make that research go quite a bit faster so use them when you can. Keep in mind that the slot is only available on certain items and will not always be there. See below!  

Archaeology Extras  

I have started adding a few questions here that I have been asked over the past week or two. I will be updating this as I go along. I am also working hard at getting the maps updated again, check back soon! (If you have anything to add, let me know!) 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:What are the Troll Tablet, Highborne Scroll, Dwarf Rune Stone, etc. used for? 

A:You can use these to make that research go a bit faster. (See above) There is a slot that appears on some of the artifacts that need to be solved that you will be able to place one of these in. Once in it will add a set number of ‘fragments’ to the research, thereby making it easier to solve! Keep in mind that the slot is only available on certain items and will not always be there. 

Q:Should I save fragments till my skill is at 100 and then start solving those artifacts? 

A:I think that generally it would work out better if you do. You stop getting those skill points from Surveys at around 100 Archaeology Skill so after that it’s just those solves! 

Q:How do I get the fragments I want? I want Tol’vir but I never get sent to Uldum.  

A:Luck! That is one of the harder parts of Archaeology. You just need to keep surveying, clearing those digsites or fossil fields and hoping the ones you want will spawn after you clear the others. 

Q: Why are there no digsites or fossil fields in Elwyn, Durotar, Eversong, Azuremyst Isle, Teldrassil, etc?  

A: You can only train the Archaeology Skill at level 20. You won’t find those fragments in the low-level starting areas! This also makes it easier for the level 80′s picking it up to start off in the higher level areas instead of trekking all the way to the starting zones.  

Q:Do the digsites ever change or cycle? Will they stay the same untill I survey them completely? 

A:They won’t change untill you survey them completely. (Unless Blizzard decides otherwise) I have had patches been applied to the servers, restarts and shutdowns, but the sites stay the same! So if there are ones you don’t like just go survey them and get them out of the way! 

Q:What’s this talk about Triangulating to get to your fossil or artifact?  

A: While the triangulating method is cool and all and might well be useful later on, I just find that, more often than not, it ends up being easier just looking which direction the scope is pointing and following it based on the distance. You can use your mount to skip the longer red distances and after a bit of practice you will be able to do it quite effectively in 3 or less Surveys.  

Q: Are there set spawn points for artifacts or fossils within the digsites or fossil fields?  

A:Yes, that seems to be the case! That means after doing this for quite some time the chances are good that you will be able to know quite a few of the spawns and speed up the Surveying process a lot.  

To help you all make your choices of which digsite / fossil field to pick I have created a map showing where exactly you will find which artifacts or fossils. So should you want to quickly power your way to the cute little Fossilized Hatchling, this is where you’ll wanna look! The map has a legend showing which colors belong to which races. Enjoy!     

Eastern Kingdoms Cataclysm Archaeology MapClick for full size  

Click for full size  

Outland Archaeology MapClick for full size   

Cataclysm Northrend Archaeology MapClick for full size   

Last Map Update: 16 October, 2010. Updated the Outland Map. Working on a few more soon, been really busy!   

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